Current Events

Installation of New Prioress

The Abbess and Community of the Abbey of Regina Laudis are pleased to announce the appointment and installation of Rev. Mother Noella Marcellino, OSB, as the second Prioress of Our Lady of the Rock Monastery on Shaw Island, Washington on September 18, 2020. Mother Noella succeeds Rev. Mother Therese Critchley, OSB, Foundress, and Prioress since 1985. In 1977 Mother Therese left Regina Laudis with two other intrepid members of the community to pioneer the establishment of this remote island foundation. Through her inspired and faithful leadership, the community built a highly-respected farm and houses of hospitality, at the heart of which remains the monastic chapel, an architectural jewel and spiritual center for the people of the Pacific Northwest.

Mother Prioress Noella Marcellino, OSB, a nun of Regina Laudis since 1973, has been with the community of Our Lady of the Rock for the past two years. She holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Connecticut and through her internationally-regarded work on the cheese ripening process became known as “The Cheese Nun.” She also teaches Gregorian Chant, manages the websites for both communities, and has many years of monastic experience as a guest-mistress and sought-after speaker.

Installaion of New Prioress by Mother Abbess Lucia

Mother Prioress Olivia Frances, Mother Prioress Noella, Mother Therese, Mother Abbess Lucia

Please join us in giving thanks to God for the lives of these two dedicated women as we ask for continued blessings on the future of the Priory of Our Lady of the Rock.