Land Program Internship

At Our Lady of the Rock we offer informal internships through a monastic “Land Program”. These internships are open to men and women, of all faiths, over the age of 18. Enrollment is limited. Internships may be for six months or one year.

Interns live in housing provided by the monastery and are invited to share in the rhythm of work and prayer that structures the life of the community, though no religious affiliation is required. Internships may begin at any time of the year. Many interns come for a “break year” after graduation from college or high school. Others come seeking clarity on life decisions: for a career focus, or a religious vocation, or for respite from burnout in their jobs or routine lifestyle. We have had people from all parts of the country, and from Ireland, France, Japan, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The Our Lady of the Rock Land Program draws on the diverse interests of members of the community to create an experience which fosters intellectual depth, teaches practical skills and allows for personal self-discovery.

An intern may learn to spin wool from a sheep he or she has raised, preserve vegetables they have helped grow in the gardens, make herbal preparations, or help drive the tractors to bring in the hay. Many other areas which may be involved in an internship are: Land Stewardship; Animal Husbandry–beef cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, llamas; Composting; Haying; Gardening–vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, orchard fruits; Food Processing and Preserving; Preparing communal meals and baking bread; Wool Production and Spinning; Monastic History and Disciplines–such as The Rule of St. Benedict, and Gregorian Chant.

Practically, the process of becoming an intern begins with a visit to the Our Lady of the Rock monastery. Come for a day, a weekend, or a week-long retreat to experience the monastic environment. Spend this time working on the farm, gardening, building fences, feeding animals, or any of the other necessary daily tasks of the monastic farm. Deepen your connection with God and join us as we pray and fulfill our call to Ora et Labora.

It is possible for interns to receive college credit for their internship. Programs vary with each University or College.

Please contact Mother Hilegard at to arrange a visit or inquire for more information.