At Our Lady of the Rock, we are as self-sufficient as possible, raising most of the food for ourselves and our guests. We raise Cotswold Sheep, Highland Cattle, llamas and alpacas, pigs and poultry.

In addition we grow lush gardens of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Most of our animals are pasture grazed and we apply organic methods whenever we can.

We support ourselves at Our Lady of the Rock, in part, by selling the fruits of our labors: fleeces, rovings, battings, spun wool, hides and knit goods from the sheep and herb products to our island neighbors and local buyers.

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Our Products:


With the abundance of herbs from our monastic herb garden, we prepare an herbal tea, infused vinegars, hot mustard, and a variety of spice blends. These are available for sale at our small gift shop at the farm and at the Shaw Island general store.


Cotswold wool and llama and alpaca fleeces and hides are available for purchase based on availability. Contact

2 thoughts on “THE FARM

  1. Do you have any baked goods with Eucharist sprinkles.
    I’m really starving for spiritual nourishment like I was offered at my ok’ Lutheran church before I had to dash.
    Let me know please. I can make an offering if you could at least bake me something that you pray over to keep
    The Red Devils away from my neck of the woods.
    No I’m not kidding. Email me and let me know. I’m scared of the portestsnts.

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