At Our Lady of the Rock, we are as self-sufficient as possible, raising most of the food for ourselves and our guests. We raise Cotswold Sheep, Highland Cattle, llamas and alpacas, pigs and poultry, and Jersey cows for milking.

In addition we grow lush gardens of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, which we use in preparations for sale. Most of our animals are pasture grazed and we apply organic methods whenever we can.

We support ourselves at Our Lady of the Rock, in part, by selling the fruits of our labors: fleeces, rovings, battings, spun wool, hides and knit goods from the sheep; meats, dairy goods, and herb products to our island neighbors and local buyers.

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Our Products:


Our cheese is prepared with fresh raw milk from our Jerseys, vegetable rennet, and salt. We use a traditional press to create 3-4 pound rounds that are then aged at least 60 days in our aging cooler, ripening its farmstead flavor from the natural bacteria and molds that occur. Our cheese is available at the Shaw general store, seasonally at the Orcas saturday market, and at our dairy at the farm for guests and drive-by visitors (please call ahead if planning on stopping by to check availability).



With the abundance of herbs from our monastic herb garden, we prepare an herbal tea, infused vinegars, hot mustard, and a variety of spice blends. These are available for sale at our small gift shop at the farm, at the Shaw Island general store, and seasonally at the Orcas Saturday Market.


Cotswold wool and llama and alpaca fleeces and hides are available for purchase based on availability. Contact



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