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“This is what I want from the Benedictines;

that they be truly monks…seekers of GOD, lovers of GOD, happy to live secluded from the world but in a communion of love with their brothers in the world…

There will be no evangelization without the contemplation that is the heart of the Benedictine life.”

                                        -ST. Pope John Paul II

A contemplative nun’s life of prayer is a life dedicated to the praise of God.  Indeed the life of praise of God is the highest vocation to which all are called.  The summit and source of all the activity of the Church is living out the liturgy through prayer, praise, and contemplation.  In fact, the goal of the religious life is to lead all to the praise and worship of God.  Thus the contemplative vocation exercises the Church’s essential duty of continuously giving praise to the Father. Ours is a life of healthy balance and the development of the whole person.

Our daily schedule  is centered on the Eucharist  and on the Liturgy of the Hours which we pray in Latin. Lauds and Vespers are sung in Gregorian Chant as is the Mass, using the Novus Ordo.

As dictated by St. Benedict, our second most important work is hospitality, where people come  for retreats to share in our prayer and work.

The decision to become part of our community is not an easy one to make. The work is hard, the commitment is total and forever, but the joys and rewards are infinite.

Once a woman enters the community, it takes a long time for her to become a true Benedictine – an average of six to eight years from the time of entrance to making her final vows.

If you are a woman between the ages of 23 and 50, a Catholic and in good health, and would like to explore the possibility of a vocation at Our Lady of the Rock, we invite you to come for a week’s visit. The next step would be a pre-postulancy of three months here, during which time you, and the community, will mutually discern whether you are called to enter Our Lady of the Rock.

After a woman enters the community, she has several years of  formation during which to discern further before she makes a permanent commitment. Any candidate for religious life must have love for God, for the Church, and for all people. Good mental and emotional health are also necessary to make a mature response to this life.

For further information, please contact mhildegard@rockisland.com.

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